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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Roll-up Flats

Big Sis: When my husband and I went to Vegas last year for a conference (our first time ever), we did lots and lots of walking. Pretty much most of our three days there was spent walking. While on our many walks from casino to casino we saw hundreds of poor ladies stumbling around miserably in high heels. Some of them looked about ready to give up on life all together. I think that if the sidewalks in Vegas weren't so disgusting, they probably would have just thrown off their fancy heels and gone barefoot. Fortunately, I had heard about the whole walking for miles thing and packed some cushiony flip flops. Also, I didn't really have an occasion to look fancy for. But, if I did want to look fancy and wear heels, and had lots of walking to do also, I'd definitely bring along some cute roll-up flats (Kushyfoot Flats) to stick in my purse for long distance walking. I saw these for the first time the other day and fell in love with them. And unlike many other cute and stylish things I fall in love with, I can actually afford these (only $9.99.) Yessssss. And they also come in my size (giganta-foot) a.k.a. 11-12!

The site says "Soft and flexible Flats-to-go ® are an instant and elegant solution to relieve achy feet from high heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. These portable shoes fold up neatly into a clear plastic pouch so that you can tote them in your purse & pull them out in times of need!"
They come in these little plastic purse-like containers for convenience. 

They offer seven colors to choose from. I'm liking the silver best. Which would you choose? 

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