We are sisters that grew up in different decades with completely different personal styles, but we both enjoy finding a bargain and having fun with fashion. We don’t spend lots of time and money on clothing, but we like to work with what we have, be creative, and share style ideas and tips.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chambray and White Denim

Big Sis: I made this on Polyvore today because I saw a woman
yesterday at the store wearing a chambray shirt with white jeans
and pops of color. I wanted to re-create the look, with a few tweaks.
The best part about the outfit is that the shoes, purse, ring, earrings, and
chambray top are all under $30!

Chambray and Pink/Red

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sharing Shoes

Big Sis: In case you haven't noticed in photos from previous posts, my feet are pretty much gigantic. Size 12, to be exact, which makes it VERY hard to find cute shoes in my size. While everyone else is browsing darling spring flats in all colors of the rainbow, I'm stuck with black flats from Payless Shoesource. I love Payless for actually carrying shoes in my size, but let's just say that the selection isn't exactly the greatest. The last time I went in, there were about 10 pairs of size 12 shoes; all resembling retirement home orthopedic sandals. This is why I love Converse. I can wear guy shoes that look like girl shoes too! The best part is that my husband and I wear the same size - so we can share them! I know it sounds a little strange that my husband and I share shoes, but hey, it works. FYI, I just laughed a little bit imagining my husband in a pair of  my high heels. Fortunately, our shoe swapping is limited to Converse. Check out these Unisex Chuck Taylor All-Stars from Kohls in mint. Aren't they cute?!

Here are some outfits and accessories that I think these Converse would look great with.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Floral Dress, Two Looks

Big Sis: I bought a cute floral mini dress at Goodwill last week. Since I don't wear short dresses or skirts without leggings, I threw on my favorite black leggings and decided to try for two looks; one casual and fun (with flats and a cropped denim jacket), and the other date night-ish (with heels and a fitted blazer.)

Here's the date night-ish look:

Here's the casual look:

Which look would you rather wear? 
Check back tomorrow for a look at Little Sis' favorite spring outfit! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Denim Tops and Pretty Skirts

Big Sis: One of my favorite spring trends is combining a pretty, flouncy
skirt with a denim top. Here is are some inspirational examples:

This Polyvore creation uses dark denim and a catchy coral combo.

Coral and Dark Denim
Coral and Dark Denim by fun-to-wear featuring suede handbags

I love Drew Barrymore's flowing white skirt and wide leather belt. 

Zooey Deschanel looks cute (as always) in a floral and polka dot skirt and leggings.

This is a more elegant version of the denim top/ springy skirt combo. Love the lace and chiffon. 

These outfits from Posh and Poised combine contrasting patterns and colors and I think they all really work! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Royal and Lemon

I loved Little Sis' lemon yellow and royal blue floral outfit in our last post
so much, that I was inspired to create this look on Polyvore.
Our grandma had a kitchen with bright yellow shutters and beautiful blue
Mexican floral porcelain tiles as a back splash. This color combination reminds
me of her and it will always be one of my favorites.

Royal and Lemon

Check out this adorable ensemble from Chictopia. Loving the nude shoes and skirt with the bright purse and silky cobalt blouse. 

Let's not forget who originally made wearing yellow and blue together chic. Snow White, of course! She also threw a little bit of red in there. Way to rock the primary colors, Snow White. 

Here are two images that just strengthen my love of this color combination. Aren't they beautiful? The lovely ocean photo is from Images and Journeys of a Searching Mind. The painting is from the Web Museum of Fine Art

Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're walkin' on Sunshine

From clothing to home decor, yellow seems to be the color of the moment. This cheerful, eye-popping color (which happens to be the first color the human eye notices), was one of this spring's biggest runway trends: 

The best part about this sunny shade is that it works with so many colors. Here are some of our favorite combinations that feature yellow. 

We love the simplicity and brightness of yellow and aqua. Simply Klassic posted some pretty photos of the pairing.

These Charlotte Olympia yellow blossom print flats show that yellow and fuchsia look great together. Both shades are the color of springtime flowers. We're thinking these flats would look cute with jeans and a bright top, or something a little less casual, like a flowy sundress. 

This Orla Kiely Daisy Stem Print Clutch and this outfit from Fashonista Trends prove that yellow really works with navy and darker blues. The navy definitely makes the yellow pop. 

We're loving this combination of denim, brown, and yellow from Unbenannt#230 on Polyvore. It proves that darker neutrals look great with lemon yellow. I feel more cheerful just looking at this outfit, don't you?


Yellow and gray seems to be the color combination that everyone's talking about. This outfit from Outfit Posts is an example why. Doesn't the calming gray looks great against the vibrant yellow? It reminds me of the sun peeking through stormy clouds on a rainy day. 

Here are some favorite yellow items straight from our closets:

Little Sis combined a neon yellow floral tank with denim. We think the light denim really makes the yellow pop. 

I just bought a lightweight, lemon yellow spring infinity scarf from Walmart (only 6 bucks!) I threw it over a plain white shirt to brighten up my drab outfit.

Little Sis threw a sunny yellow cardigan over a blue floral tank. Royal blue and yellow can make for such a pretty combo. 

She also paired her bright yellow cardigan with an entirely gray outfit. It's obvious why this color combo has been on the forefront of fashion and interior design. The yellow just pops against the calming gray.

I found this bright pink fitted jacket at Goodwill a few months back. What better color to pair it with than yellow?

How will you wear yellow this Spring? 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orange and Blue

Big Sis: Orange and blue, which are opposite of each other on
the color wheel, are always a fun combo. Here is a casual look,
using bright blue and coral orange. To me, these colors scream summer.
I especially love the jewel-toned bracelets!  

Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue by fun-to-wear featuring an enamel bracelet

This orange and blue combo (from Design in Bloom) uses darker, more muted tones, and would make for an adorable fall ensemble. 

I snapped a photo of this beautiful orange and blue mosaic table and set of chairs on the patio of  a Greek cafe. This color combo was actually very common in Greek art and interior design. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Wear

Big Sis: There's nothing I love to wear more than a cute and comfy baseball tee
with jeans, flip flops, and a baseball cap. It's a low maintenance look and
my ideal weekend wear. Where can you find a comfy, well worn baseball
tee? Look in your nearest thrift store (I saw no less than 5 while shopping last week.)
 Be sure to check the guy's section also for a bigger selection.

Perfect Pink Baseball T

Friday, March 15, 2013

Watermelon Pink

My favorite color for spring is watermelon pink. It's not too dark or bubble-gummy or baby shower pink; it's  just perfect. I paired this watermelon cardigan ($8 at Target) with an light aqua lace tank ($5 at Walmart) and an aqua seashell necklace. Just so you know, these $5 Walmart lace tanks are available right now in several colors, and are great for layering!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patty's Style

Emerald, mint, pea, lime, asparagus, apple, olive, chartrues, honey dew, teal or hunter; which is your favorite shade of green? St Patrick's Day has us thinking a lot about the calming, nature-inspired color. Here are some of our favorite "lucky" green pieces and color combos from our closets:

Little Sis chose to pair up a soothing sea foam green with dark gray for a casual, everyday look. A light color like this can really pop when combined with gray. 

Since I look deathly ill in anything but blue greens, I wore a light teal blouse with dark pink skinny jeans and pops of white. Pink and green don't always make for an appealing combo, but some shades can really work together!

Little Sis paired a forest green tank top with a honey-dew colored bag. We love seeing outfits with different variations of the same color! With these traditional greens, she's sure to avoid getting a pinch. 

This tulle dress from Downeast Basics is one of only two green clothing items that I own (the teal blouse  above is the other), but it's made me fall in love with green, specifically this pale mint color. I combined the mint dress with a black belt, shoes, and accessories to add some needed contrast.

Below are some supremely cute St Patty's Day accessories from Etsy that we wished we owned. Where is a wish granting lephrachaun when you need one?   

And last, but definitely not least, here are our favorite green-themed outfits collected from some of our awesome blog readers: 

Check out Jaxon and Jordan Ziegler. You can't get much luckier than these cute kids. Nobody is greener than Hulk. Why limit your costume wearing to Halloween when it works on St. Patrick's Day too?! And I'm  certain that Jordan's hair is the greenest hair I've ever seen. These kids definitely know how to rock the official color of the Irish! 

This is my gorgeous sister-in-law Emily. She's wearing a muted green skirt and necklace, with a coordinating belt and boots. She might get pinched on St. Patrick's Day though. Not because she's not wearing green, but because she looks so dang cute. 

Samuel Crandall Bender is a lucky lad in this shamrock green necktie. It's the perfect St. Patrick's Day accessory for men! 

Our adorable Momma plans on rocking this emerald green paisley blouse paired with creme pants and a matching scarf. She's always been great at dressing up for holidays, and St. Patty's Day is no exception.