We are sisters that grew up in different decades with completely different personal styles, but we both enjoy finding a bargain and having fun with fashion. We don’t spend lots of time and money on clothing, but we like to work with what we have, be creative, and share style ideas and tips.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flowers and Bows

Little Sis: I've seen so many cute floral looks this spring, that I just had to jump on the floral bandwagon. I bought this bright mini cardigan at Goodwill and layered it over a pink shirt. This outfit also called for my favorite new accessory; a hot pink double wrap watch from Target. I bought it for a fantastic price. You can check it out here

Big Sis: I bought this shirt at Forever 21 for only $8.80. I couldn't possibly turn down a shirt with pouffy sleeves and teal bows, especially at that price! You can find it here (also available in pink.)

My energetic 3-year-old tagged along with little Sis and I on our photo shoot. He wanted to be part of the action, and I just couldn't say no.
I think we've got a future style blogger on our hands. 

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