We are sisters that grew up in different decades with completely different personal styles, but we both enjoy finding a bargain and having fun with fashion. We don’t spend lots of time and money on clothing, but we like to work with what we have, be creative, and share style ideas and tips.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Brights

Big Sis: Coral and magenta together? Yes, I say! Add some turquoise and
you've got three of the summer's hottest colors in a very cute, wearable
burnt-out stripe pattern. This Ella Moss top, which just happens to cost about
$135 more than I'm willing to pay for a shirt, allows for some very colorful
accessorizing. Though I wouldn't buy this lovely top, it inspired me to think
about pairing magenta and coral up in my wardrobe.

Summer Brights

Here are some cute magenta and coral accessories that I rounded up. Click on the images for more info.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ruffled Tanks

Big Sis: I created this entire outfit around this cute blue Noshua Ruffle Tank. A ruffled
tank is great for layering, and adds a little flair to any outfit.

Noshua ruffled tank top

Noshua ruffled tank top by fun-to-wear featuring high rise jeans

Here are some cute ruffled tanks that I've rounded up. I would probably wear these under a light mini cardigan or over a white fitted tee.

Forever 21

My Sister's Closet Boutique


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Scarves

Big Sis: Isn't it cool how a scarf can make an entire outfit? This gorgeous
Stella and Dot Palm Springs Scarf really caught my eye, so I created an
entire set around it!

Stella and Dot Palm Springs Scarf

Here are some of beautiful spring/ summer scarfs that would brighten up any outfit.

Check out this collection of scarfs put together by Brunch at Saks.
All of them are lovely.

Wouldn't this melon chevron scarf would look great with white denim? 
You can find it here on Wanelo. 

Blake Lively looks super cute in this navy chevron scarf with pom poms. 

Also featuring cute fluffy balls of cotton, this blue hombre scarf from Lucky Brand 
would be a great addition to any wardrobe. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back on the Bloomin' Bandwagon

Big Sis: During a school dance when I was a sophomore, I remember a guy friend scanning the room and saying, "It looks like a flower garden in here. Too many flowers." I blushed when I looked down and realized that I too was wearing floral (practically from head to toe.) Well, flowers are back, in a big way, and once again I'm ready to join the crowd and don daisies, roses, and poppies. The trend is just too cute to pass up, even if I have to jump back on the bandwagon to do it.

Look at her... Just look at her. Doesn't this model featured in DB Denim Blog look adorable in her rolled-up floral jeans, dainty white blouse, and denim vest? I think so. 

If given the choice, I'd wear the jeans on the far right. But really, I like them all. Eat, Sleep, Denim did a great job of rounding up these great looks.  

Who would have thought that floral denim and polka dots could work together? Love.

A denim top + a floral skirt and wide belt = one of the cutest looks that I've seen in a long time.

This cropped denim floral jacket from Wanelo looks great with jeans and and t-shirt, but would also work really well with a pretty summer maxi dress, don't you think?

 The dress is so short that I'd probably have to wear it as a shirt with skinny jeans, but I LOVE the gray floral fabric. 

These floral oxfords are so classy and cute. I think they'd look adorable with jeans, a dress, a skirt, leggings and a tunic... Okay, really they would look cute with just about anything. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flowers and Bows

Little Sis: I've seen so many cute floral looks this spring, that I just had to jump on the floral bandwagon. I bought this bright mini cardigan at Goodwill and layered it over a pink shirt. This outfit also called for my favorite new accessory; a hot pink double wrap watch from Target. I bought it for a fantastic price. You can check it out here

Big Sis: I bought this shirt at Forever 21 for only $8.80. I couldn't possibly turn down a shirt with pouffy sleeves and teal bows, especially at that price! You can find it here (also available in pink.)

My energetic 3-year-old tagged along with little Sis and I on our photo shoot. He wanted to be part of the action, and I just couldn't say no.
I think we've got a future style blogger on our hands. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Navy and Pink

Big Sis: I saw the cutest hot pink and navy dress at Goodwill the other day.
It was waaay too short for me, but just seeing it renewed my interest in the
color combination. It's always chic to pair up a bright with a neutral.
Navy is classy and austere, and pink is exciting and flashy. Together,
they are a winning team! Here are some cute pink and navy get-ups (and
an adorable pillow and room that I had to include.)

I love how she layered a striped tank over a fitted tee. I might have to try that sometime. 

Throw a hot pink blazer over a striped navy shirt, toss on some jeans, and you've
got this fun look.

I have four words for this pillow: Get in my house.

This blogger always wears the cutest outfits. This one is no exception. 

I created this on Polyvore. It's how I would pair up navy and pink. 
Navy and Pink

Navy and Pink by fun-to-wear featuring black eyewear

Chambray under a striped shirt. Very cute. 

Even the Duchess of Cambridge is getting in on the pink (though it's a coral pink) and navy action. 

Wow, I love this. Using this color combo, the room looks classy and fun. 

This is pretty much the cutest pink blazer I've ever seen. I like how she pairs it with white denim. 

And last, but not least, check out these inspired navy and pink pairings. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

American Girl

Big Sis: I know that Independence Day is more than three months away,
but these cute red, white, and blue bracelets have me seeing stars (and stripes.)
I found some cute patriotic outfits and accessories that make the most out of
this traditional color combination.

American Girl

American Girl by fun-to-wear featuring a lace back cardigan

This super cute red outfit featuring a striped skirt with a patterned navy and white blouse pays homage to the American flag without going overboard. 

These outfits are a more casual take on red, white, and blue. Perfect for 4th of July picnics or fireworks on the beach. 

I love this pretty glass-beaded patriotic bracelet.  

Let's not forget our friends across the Atlantic whom also celebrate their patriotism with red, white, and blue. I'm loving this vintage 1940's painting of two women wearing flag-inspired dresses. 
Oh my gosh. I would wear these patriotic Popsicle earrings from Etsy in a heartbeat! In the famous words of meme cats everywhere; "Can I has?"

A darling navy striped dress with red sandals and coordinating purse = the perfect patriotic outfit. 

If I could crochet I would be making this patriotic beach tote right now. 

 Red, white and Blue TOMS. These call for another, "Can I has?" 

Doesn't she look classy and cute in her pretty patriotic dress and cardigan? I think so. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Roll-up Flats

Big Sis: When my husband and I went to Vegas last year for a conference (our first time ever), we did lots and lots of walking. Pretty much most of our three days there was spent walking. While on our many walks from casino to casino we saw hundreds of poor ladies stumbling around miserably in high heels. Some of them looked about ready to give up on life all together. I think that if the sidewalks in Vegas weren't so disgusting, they probably would have just thrown off their fancy heels and gone barefoot. Fortunately, I had heard about the whole walking for miles thing and packed some cushiony flip flops. Also, I didn't really have an occasion to look fancy for. But, if I did want to look fancy and wear heels, and had lots of walking to do also, I'd definitely bring along some cute roll-up flats (Kushyfoot Flats) to stick in my purse for long distance walking. I saw these for the first time the other day and fell in love with them. And unlike many other cute and stylish things I fall in love with, I can actually afford these (only $9.99.) Yessssss. And they also come in my size (giganta-foot) a.k.a. 11-12!

The site says "Soft and flexible Flats-to-go ® are an instant and elegant solution to relieve achy feet from high heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. These portable shoes fold up neatly into a clear plastic pouch so that you can tote them in your purse & pull them out in times of need!"
They come in these little plastic purse-like containers for convenience. 

They offer seven colors to choose from. I'm liking the silver best. Which would you choose?