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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back on the Bloomin' Bandwagon

Big Sis: During a school dance when I was a sophomore, I remember a guy friend scanning the room and saying, "It looks like a flower garden in here. Too many flowers." I blushed when I looked down and realized that I too was wearing floral (practically from head to toe.) Well, flowers are back, in a big way, and once again I'm ready to join the crowd and don daisies, roses, and poppies. The trend is just too cute to pass up, even if I have to jump back on the bandwagon to do it.

Look at her... Just look at her. Doesn't this model featured in DB Denim Blog look adorable in her rolled-up floral jeans, dainty white blouse, and denim vest? I think so. 

If given the choice, I'd wear the jeans on the far right. But really, I like them all. Eat, Sleep, Denim did a great job of rounding up these great looks.  

Who would have thought that floral denim and polka dots could work together? Love.

A denim top + a floral skirt and wide belt = one of the cutest looks that I've seen in a long time.

This cropped denim floral jacket from Wanelo looks great with jeans and and t-shirt, but would also work really well with a pretty summer maxi dress, don't you think?

 The dress is so short that I'd probably have to wear it as a shirt with skinny jeans, but I LOVE the gray floral fabric. 

These floral oxfords are so classy and cute. I think they'd look adorable with jeans, a dress, a skirt, leggings and a tunic... Okay, really they would look cute with just about anything. 

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