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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

American Girl

Big Sis: I know that Independence Day is more than three months away,
but these cute red, white, and blue bracelets have me seeing stars (and stripes.)
I found some cute patriotic outfits and accessories that make the most out of
this traditional color combination.

American Girl

American Girl by fun-to-wear featuring a lace back cardigan

This super cute red outfit featuring a striped skirt with a patterned navy and white blouse pays homage to the American flag without going overboard. 

These outfits are a more casual take on red, white, and blue. Perfect for 4th of July picnics or fireworks on the beach. 

I love this pretty glass-beaded patriotic bracelet.  

Let's not forget our friends across the Atlantic whom also celebrate their patriotism with red, white, and blue. I'm loving this vintage 1940's painting of two women wearing flag-inspired dresses. 
Oh my gosh. I would wear these patriotic Popsicle earrings from Etsy in a heartbeat! In the famous words of meme cats everywhere; "Can I has?"

A darling navy striped dress with red sandals and coordinating purse = the perfect patriotic outfit. 

If I could crochet I would be making this patriotic beach tote right now. 

 Red, white and Blue TOMS. These call for another, "Can I has?" 

Doesn't she look classy and cute in her pretty patriotic dress and cardigan? I think so. 


  1. I have always loved this color combo! My favorite is blue jeans with a blue tank and white cardigan and white sandals. Never fails!

    1. Amanda, that sounds super cute! I love a white cardigan with white sandals! :)

  2. how do you buy it

    1. Most of the photos have links on where to buy the items, but unfortunately, some of the photos I found were not connected to purchasing info.