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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Navy and Pink

Big Sis: I saw the cutest hot pink and navy dress at Goodwill the other day.
It was waaay too short for me, but just seeing it renewed my interest in the
color combination. It's always chic to pair up a bright with a neutral.
Navy is classy and austere, and pink is exciting and flashy. Together,
they are a winning team! Here are some cute pink and navy get-ups (and
an adorable pillow and room that I had to include.)

I love how she layered a striped tank over a fitted tee. I might have to try that sometime. 

Throw a hot pink blazer over a striped navy shirt, toss on some jeans, and you've
got this fun look.

I have four words for this pillow: Get in my house.

This blogger always wears the cutest outfits. This one is no exception. 

I created this on Polyvore. It's how I would pair up navy and pink. 
Navy and Pink

Navy and Pink by fun-to-wear featuring black eyewear

Chambray under a striped shirt. Very cute. 

Even the Duchess of Cambridge is getting in on the pink (though it's a coral pink) and navy action. 

Wow, I love this. Using this color combo, the room looks classy and fun. 

This is pretty much the cutest pink blazer I've ever seen. I like how she pairs it with white denim. 

And last, but not least, check out these inspired navy and pink pairings. 

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