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Friday, April 5, 2013

Blue China Floral

Big Sis: One of the most charming trends I've seen this year is the use of blue
china-inspired floral in both fashion and interior design. The pattern makes me
long for tea parties with Parisian scones and delicate porcelain cups. So pretty.
The Gucci Floral Hobo Bag in this set is waaay to expensive for me to even think
 about buying, but I love it anyway.

White and Royal Blue

White and Royal Blue by fun-to-wear featuring lacey tops

Here are some of my favorite blue china floral pieces and inspirations:

Look at these nails! Aren't they gorgeous! Unfortunately, if I attempted this, my nails would be sporting abstract blue and white blobs. But, if I were a nail artist, this pattern would be on my fingertips ASAP. 

These looks created for Erdem's most recent collection, offer up a beautiful dose of china blue floral. I love the traditional blue top with the patterned A-line skirt.  

I would happily line the walls of any room in my house with this beautiful pale gray/blue paper. I'd start with my bedroom. 

This charming embellished heart necklace from Etsy is actually made from broken pieces of a 100 year old vintage china plate. The lucky owner of this necklace will be wearing a piece of history around her neck. Love this.  

I can't forget about this super cute tank top from Walmart that Little Sis wore a few weeks back. It looks great with the bright lemon yellow. 

This blue floral silk and eyelet dress from Bluefly is delicate, pretty, and perfect for summer. 

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