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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Thrifty

Our favorites place to shop for clothes, as you can probably tell by previous posts, are thrift stores. There’s nothing like browsing through rack after rack of really, really cheap clothes (especially on half off Saturdays.) After hours of browsing practice, we’re practically thrift store experts. We can walk in with a 20 dollar bill and walk out with an entire outfit (including a bag and pair of shoes.)

On top of being the best places on Earth to shop, thrift stores are also the best place to meet interesting characters. We've had some of the most awkward (but memorable) encounters of our lives at thrift stores. I once had a woman ask where I got the doll that was in my shopping cart. It looked brand new and I knew my daughter would love it. I pointed to the toy section, a little confused at her question. It’s not like there would be an identical doll available in the store. She said thanks and then proceeded to follow me around the store staring at my shopping cart the entire time. I saw other dolls in her cart, so I assumed that she was an avid doll collector of some sort. If I walked away for a second, she slowly inched toward the cart, her eyes fixed on that doll. She even reached toward my cart before I pushed it away. Anyway, despite the eerie stalking, the doll did indeed make it home, much to the delight of my daughter.  

Another time, a woman held a pair of jeans up to me and said, “These are hundred-dollar jeans! You should REALLY get them.” She went on to tell me that they were too big for her. I asked her the size, and she told me they were a 6. I told her that I wear size 10, thanked her, and politely walked away. She then followed me insisting that I try them on. “They are hundred-dollar jeans!” she repeated a few times, before I just gave in, hauled them into the dressing room and tried them on. They were indeed too small. I ran into the woman a few minutes later and told her they didn't fit. “Well, you missed out on a good deal then,” she responded, before swiftly walking away. Little Sis has a story very similar to this, but the jeans actually fit her, and everything ended happily.  

Anyway, a trip at the thrift store usually provides both entertainment and some great, inexpensive additions to the wardrobe. Little Sis and I spent a couple of hours at Goodwill this weekend and scored two dresses, two blazers, nine shirts, two cardigans, a pair of shoes, three necklaces, and a bracelet for under $50. We also snapped some shots of our shopping adventures to share with you.

Seeing styles from decades past is always a fun perk to thrift store browsing. Some styles are worth revisiting, and others (like this velvet black and white psychedelic little number) are best left in the past. Does anyone else remember the few minutes of the 90’s where psychedelic patterns were the big thing? I think I might have actually owned a shirt similar to this velvet beauty. 

We stared at these doors for a LOOOOONG time waiting for our turn to try stuff on. We’re not the only ones who like to take advantage of half-off Saturdays. 

Here’s a view of the women’s shirt section. I love how thrift stores have everything divided by color. I look horrific in green and yellow, so I can just pass up that area all together and head over to the neutrals, blues and pinks.  

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from Saturday's scavenging:

Little sis found this breezy peasant top and flowing floral skirt, which are perfect for a sunny Spring day. This gypsy-esque look could transition well between casual and dressy. The black embroidery on the blouse ties in well with the dark floral on the skirt.

I found a fitted knit blouse that reminded me of the color of sand. I paired it with a light blue tank, beachy sandals, and seashell necklaces that make me think of a day at the beach...sigh. It's always fun to find a piece that reminds you of something from nature.

Little Sis wanted something a little livelier for spring, so she found a fun gingham mini-dress that she paired with skinny jeans and flats. The pattern put us both in the mood for a picnic. All we need is a basket!

I found a gray short-sleeved cardigan and chunky black necklace that really caught my eye. I wore them with a simple white tee, black skinny jeans, and heels to create a sort of timeless look. Gray, black, and white can often look classic together. Notice the wonderfully fluffy black and white accessory next to me (not purchased at Goodwill.) I could also go casual by pairing the cardigan with a striped shirt, jeans, and converse. 

Check in soon for our upcoming post on St. Patty's Day fashion!

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  1. Pam! I love the blog!!! But it makes me miss you even more!! And you and your sister are so dang gorgeous!!