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Friday, March 8, 2013

5 Different Ways to Wear Black Leggings

Tips from Little Sis: 

5 Different Ways to Wear Black Leggings
I don't think there's a season where black leggings don't work. They go with brights, darks, lights, and everything else in between. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear them.

Leggings can work with a fun A-line dress. This one (that I happened to find at Goodwill) looks like it's straight from the 1950's, which I love. This wide, colorful belt is great at brightening up the entire look.

One of my favorite looks is a short dress with leggings and a coordinating blazer. Pair with flats and you can wear this almost anywhere!

Black, white, and denim makes for such a classic look. I think the denim shirt pulls the outfit together, so that the soft cotton and lace dress coordinate with the black leggings.

This dress (only $5 from Sammydress.com) is so short that I pretty much have to wear it with leggings. That's what's so great about leggings! They allow you to wear dresses that you just couldn't otherwise!

Leggings and casual flats can make a geometric print dress even more fun than it already is. 
All of these pics were taken at the very lovely My Vintage Venue!

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