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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sharing Shoes

Big Sis: In case you haven't noticed in photos from previous posts, my feet are pretty much gigantic. Size 12, to be exact, which makes it VERY hard to find cute shoes in my size. While everyone else is browsing darling spring flats in all colors of the rainbow, I'm stuck with black flats from Payless Shoesource. I love Payless for actually carrying shoes in my size, but let's just say that the selection isn't exactly the greatest. The last time I went in, there were about 10 pairs of size 12 shoes; all resembling retirement home orthopedic sandals. This is why I love Converse. I can wear guy shoes that look like girl shoes too! The best part is that my husband and I wear the same size - so we can share them! I know it sounds a little strange that my husband and I share shoes, but hey, it works. FYI, I just laughed a little bit imagining my husband in a pair of  my high heels. Fortunately, our shoe swapping is limited to Converse. Check out these Unisex Chuck Taylor All-Stars from Kohls in mint. Aren't they cute?!

Here are some outfits and accessories that I think these Converse would look great with.

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