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Friday, March 22, 2013

Royal and Lemon

I loved Little Sis' lemon yellow and royal blue floral outfit in our last post
so much, that I was inspired to create this look on Polyvore.
Our grandma had a kitchen with bright yellow shutters and beautiful blue
Mexican floral porcelain tiles as a back splash. This color combination reminds
me of her and it will always be one of my favorites.

Royal and Lemon

Check out this adorable ensemble from Chictopia. Loving the nude shoes and skirt with the bright purse and silky cobalt blouse. 

Let's not forget who originally made wearing yellow and blue together chic. Snow White, of course! She also threw a little bit of red in there. Way to rock the primary colors, Snow White. 

Here are two images that just strengthen my love of this color combination. Aren't they beautiful? The lovely ocean photo is from Images and Journeys of a Searching Mind. The painting is from the Web Museum of Fine Art

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