We are sisters that grew up in different decades with completely different personal styles, but we both enjoy finding a bargain and having fun with fashion. We don’t spend lots of time and money on clothing, but we like to work with what we have, be creative, and share style ideas and tips.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Denim Tops and Pretty Skirts

Big Sis: One of my favorite spring trends is combining a pretty, flouncy
skirt with a denim top. Here is are some inspirational examples:

This Polyvore creation uses dark denim and a catchy coral combo.

Coral and Dark Denim
Coral and Dark Denim by fun-to-wear featuring suede handbags

I love Drew Barrymore's flowing white skirt and wide leather belt. 

Zooey Deschanel looks cute (as always) in a floral and polka dot skirt and leggings.

This is a more elegant version of the denim top/ springy skirt combo. Love the lace and chiffon. 

These outfits from Posh and Poised combine contrasting patterns and colors and I think they all really work! 


  1. I love wearing a denim jacket with my maxi skirts! It's my go-to outfit whenever I feel like getting out of my jeans.

    1. Me too Amanda! It's a nice break from jeans. :)