We are sisters that grew up in different decades with completely different personal styles, but we both enjoy finding a bargain and having fun with fashion. We don’t spend lots of time and money on clothing, but we like to work with what we have, be creative, and share style ideas and tips.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Fancier Me

If I wasn't a middle class mother of young children who lives in a small farming city, surrounded by slow-paced living and cotton fields, I would probably sometimes dress like this. Even when I'm in commercials I don't dress like this. Sometimes I'll end up in a business blazer and comfortable heels, but most of the time I'm dressed like a Tide commercial mom (a one colored fitted top with jeans, khakis, and flats.) When not in commercials, I most often wear t-shirts or simple peasant tops, jeans, and flip flops. But, if I dined at fancy restaurants, wasn't worried about stains from little hands, and went someplace other than movie theaters and Chipotle on dates, I'd dress like this on occasion. How would you dress if you could?

Red and Beige

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