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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lace and Ruffles

A while back I created a post about the cute and versatile ruffled tank. Well, I recently bought an affordable lacy white ruffled tank (only 3.99 at Factory-2-U) and discovered that it works with so many different looks and outfits. It's now pretty much my favorite item of clothing. Here are three looks that I put together. I hope that they give you some fun ideas of your own!

This is the most casual of all three looks. I layered the tank over a simple fitted aqua tee and added a light pink broach and pearls. After all, what goes better with ruffles and lace than pearls?


This next look is what I would wear for a night out. I threw a cropped black jacket over the tank and wore them with skinny jeans and black heels. I also added some black and silver jewelry. 

For this last look, I channeled my inner business woman and layered a cropped gray blazer over the tank and added gray slacks and heels.

Just in case you don't live near a Factory-2-U, here are some cute layered tanks available online ($12.99 from ToAdorn (which has LOTS of cute clothes, by the way.) 

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