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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Navy and Aqua

Last fall it was all about the contrasting colors, navy and coral, but this season the blue hues, navy and aqua are stealing the scene.

Casual Aqua and Navy

Casual Aqua and Navy by fun-to-wear featuring chunky jewelry

Below are some of my favorite navy and aqua outfits, items, and interior design ideas. 

 Love these navy wed leg jeans and the way that her dark green bag pulls the outfit together. 

 The aqua couch with the navy pillows are fantastic. The room pulls off a both modern and retro look. 

This is maybe the 6th photo of Zooey Deschanel I've posted on my blog. I can't help it. She's got style. 

I love ALL of these pillows and wish that they were sitting on my couch right now. 

 This cute casual bag is just one of the many adorable bags in the Blucalla Etsy shop. 

This understated chevron aqua, navy, and gray phone case would make a great accessory.

Wouldn't this throw pillow from FestiveHomeDecor on Etsy be a pretty addition to the pile of pillows above?

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