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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

White Denim

Big Sis: It's 112 degrees today and so my daydreams are taking me to far off places (like December and January) where someone like me can wear coats, jackets, and jeans to their heart's content. I created this outfit on Polyvore with a white denim jacket, just to remind me of better weather to come. Also, though I can't wear one right now, I'm loving the white denim jacket look. This versatile piece can look casual or dressy, and can bring a cute, crisp look to any outfit.

Teal and Coral

Teal and Coral by fun-to-wear featuring plus size tops

Glee's Diana Agron wears her jacket with a flowy, knee length dress and summery sandals. I love the dark blue and crisp white together.

The white denim jacket looks cute and casual with khaki shorts and a ruffled top. 

I never would have thought about pairing this jacket with a white shirt, but with the necklace for contrast, it really works! 

Maxi dress + this jacket = the perfect look for a casual night out or lunch with friends.  

These celebrities rock their white denim jackets. Doesn't Jessica Alba look cute in that scarf? ...sigh. I'll just stand under a fan for a little while, clothes my eyes, and pretend it's fall. 

If you live someplace with nice, cool weather, or just want to prepare for fall, this jacket is available at Target for $24.99. You know the fashion advice that says never wear white after Labor Day? Ingnore it! :) 

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