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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Think Pink (and Orange)

Big Sis: I've seen a lot of pink and orange together lately, and I love it! One of my favorite shirts in high school (a very long time ago) was a striped pink and orange v-neck, and I'm glad to see the vibrant combination is back in style. I created this outfit with my favorite shades of pink and orange, and included two of my favorite mixed patterns, stripes and floral.

Stripes and floral

Stripes and floral by fun-to-wear featuring ballet flat shoes

Here are some fun, vibrant pink and orange combos I found while browsing around:

 Heidi Klum rocks a satiny magenta shirt with hot orange pants. 

 I like the second from the left best, but they all have potential. 

Wouldn't this flirty dress look cute with a cropped denim jacket and magenta flats?

 Love these flats. Combine them with jeans and an orange blouse? They're so bright and fun, even a neutral blouse would work. 

The tangerine cardigan looks great over a soft coral button-up. 

Here are Pantone's 2013 fall fashion inspiration colors for more fun color combo ideas. I'm thinking that Koi and Mykonos Blue would look pretty great together too. Which are your favorites? 

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