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Monday, January 6, 2014

Leggings Love

Big Sis: After recently being inspired by some very cute boot/legging combos, we put together some easy, inexpensive looks featuring dark winter leggings and our favorite pairs of black boots. Here are some of the looks that inspired us.

Clara from "Doctor Who" puts her own kitschy British spin on the boots and leggings look.

We are also loving the long, flowy loose top, paired with black leggings and brown boots. 

We're especially digging this pretty white dress worn with a gray cardigan,coordinating tights, and tall boots.

When I wear leggings, I like to wear a dress over the top (since super-tight, thin fabric is not necessarily flattering on my behind, if you know what I mean.) There are other women that can pull this off, but I admit to not being one of them. I found this mini sweater dress at Ross in my favorite shade of red. I decided to pair it with a chambray top and a lightweight scarf from Target ($7.99). The chunky, black boots are also from Target.

The scarf isn't available from Target anymore, but I found some near matches here. I especially love the powder blue one.

Little Sis: I love detailed knit sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. Well, anything with vintage-looking knits really. I paired this lace-layered dress (from Goodwill) with my favorite cream cardigan (from Aeropostale) for a soft and casual look. I also had to include my LOTR ring necklace to complete the outfit. :)

Do you have a favorite boot/leggings combo? If so, post a link in our comments section! 

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