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Monday, June 17, 2013

Bright Legs

Big Sis: Now that summertime is here, it's time to put the black leggings away and pull out the bright ones! Available for cheap at Walmart, Target, and almost any other clothing store that you can think of, leggings are a great way to inject some color into any outfit.

I found this great image on Charmed Valerie on how to flatteringly wear leggings. She also has some great advice, which I've posted below the image.

"What to wear with leggings

  • Something that covers your hiney
  • Long shirts that end a little bit below your hips/upper-mid thigh
  • Over-sized sweaters
  • Tunics
  • Mini-skirts/skirts
  • Dresses
  • If you really want to look sophisticated, wear a bootie/ankle boot/boots that leave no room for skin to peak out.
  • An extra layer (like a long cardigan, sweater, or vest) looks even better but the initial visible layer should cover your crotch area
  • Balance clothing proportions by NOT wearing something tight-fitting with your leggings."
Here are two looks that I put together with bright leggings:

I paired a light mini denim dress with bubblegum pink leggings and simple white flats. Thanks to the leggings, I'm able to wear a dress that would be way too short for me otherwise. They also add a fun pop of color! 

I bought this dress at Ross last year (without the belt) and it sat on the hanger for quite a while, but when I saw the red leggings and belt sitting in my closet a few days ago, I knew I had to wear them together. I love the way that red, black, and gray look together.

There are lots of great specials for bright leggings on the Internet right now. Here's one of them:

We'd love to see how YOU wear bright leggings. What do you wear them with? How do you accessorize? Tell us in the comments section below or send a photo of yourself to wearitworkit@outlook.com. Happy summer! 

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